Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Weekend break

It was both The Boo and my husband's birthday's in November, so we decided to have a little celebration break as a family - just the three of us. We went to stay in a cosy cabin in the Blackwood Forest for a long weekend and it was lovely!

I was amazed at the sheer amount of 'stuff' we had to take with us. We are lucky that my husband drives a truck or else we would have needed to hire a van to shift it all. We had to take the travel cot (with a sheet and blankets), the highchair, plenty of The Boo's favourite toys and food on top of everything else. I got so stressed out by it all that I started to wonder why we were bothering, but once we were packed and on our way and The Boo fell asleep before we reached the motorway, I was relaxed and enjoying myself.

We spent our 4 days strolling through the forest, wandering around the local shops, cuddling on the sofa, playing games, eating and watching movies. Just what we needed!

We would definitely go back there again but perhaps invite our family along and the woofers too next time, as they would all really like it. Next summer perhaps? Hmmm!





Friday, 15 November 2013

No longer a baby and now a toddler!

It's been a very exciting few weeks in our household! 

Firstly, we had the thrilling delight of watching The Boo take her first steps! We were at Nanny and Grandad's when it happened a couple of weeks ago. She was leaning on the TV unit and turned and just stood up still. She moved one foot to balance herself so we watched, holding our breath, wondering if she would take a step - and then The Boo took about five or six confident steps across the room before sitting down and looking back at us with the biggest, widest and proudest grin on her face! It was amazing! We cheered and clapped as she laughed! Our baby was walking!! 

Each day she has walked more and more and thrives off encouragement. Her balance has improved too and she can bend to pick up toys and straighten up again. Sometimes The Boo tries to walk too quickly and stumbles, but is up again in a flash and back on her way. 

The Boo understands so much more now and can follow simple instructions like "go and get the spoon for mummy" or "pick up your doll". However, the one command she seems to have trouble understanding is "no". This one seems to be inaudible for some reason. Especially when she is grabbing handfuls of soil out of my house plant tubs and attempting to eat it!

The other exciting news is that The Boo is now one year old! One year! Already! It may have passed in the blink of an eye, but I can honestly say that it has been the best of my life. I feel so blessed to have The Boo. I never dreamed that being a mum could be so rewarding and would bring so much love and joy into our lives. I look into her eyes as she smiles at me and I am totally filled with happiness. Oh, the emotions that come with being a parent are so overwhelming and fantastic. I love it. I love her! There are no words to describe how much! 

We had a small party for The Boo on Saturday afternoon with a couple of close friends and their children. We had a very traditional party with sandwiches, crisps and jelly and icecream and played 'pass the parcel'. It was good fun. We had a rainbow theme and I baked her a sponge cake, smothered it in buttercream and decorated it with Smarties. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself and it tasted good too thankfully. The Boo enjoyed receiving presents but seemed to enjoy trying to eat the wrapping paper more! She took her nap after the guests left in the afternoon and then the second load of guests arrived in the evening for drinks and pizza. So many people were huddled in our kitchen! It was great to get all our friends together and have a catch up.

Her actual birthday was on Tuesday. We gave The Boo our presents and then my husband and I took our parents and The Boo out for a carvery lunch. She slept soundly the whole time in her car seat, next to my chair. I was secretly pleased about this as it meant I didn't have to share any of my roast potatoes with her and I got to eat my food whilst it was still hot! The Boo's Aunties and Uncles and a friend came over after work for even more cuddles and presents!

The Boo is no longer a baby and is now a toddler and we are entering a new chapter of parenthood. I can't wait to find out what she will learn to do next!