Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hello again

Well hello!

I can't believe it's been a year since I last blogged. So sorry it's been so long!

You see, our laptop broke, so I couldn't continue to upload photos from my camera and I couldn't blog.  Then the weeks turned into months. The Boo was getting older and taking up all my time. We were a busy family. 

Then I had another baby.

Yes, we now have a gorgeous boy! A brother for The Boo. Born at the start of this year. We are so blessed and lucky!

The pregnancy felt soooo long this time round and I had really bad morning sickness for ages, but the labour was only two and a half hours! He was born 14 minutes after I arrived at the hospital. A fantastic way to start 2015! He's 6 months old now! 

The Boo has grown so much over the last year, not just physically. She's becoming a beautiful, caring, sensitive, intelligent little girl with a great sense of humour and passion. She's also in the midst of the "terrible twos" and boy can she be naughty! Seriously, she went to bed on her second birthday and the next day this attitude arrived as she started declaring 'no!' when asked to, for example, pick up the dummy she has just hurled across the room in a rage!! Thankfully the naughtiness only really raises its head when she's tired. Most of the time she is a good girl. 

As we had such lovely weather today and my husband had the day off work, we spent the afternoon in the garden. I took loads of picture on my iPad so I decided to get this up and running again and update you all. 

See how much she's changed!