Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cheeky little monkey in the making

Life with The Boo just keeps getting better and better! She is a cheeky little monkey in the making who loves to laugh, cuddle and play. Her character is certainly developing!

We had a wonderful Christmas and The Boo was thoroughly spoiled by friends and family! It was wonderful to watch her seated with us all at the table and enjoying her own Christmas dinner. The mini blender I bought months ago is terrific and ensures she never has to miss out. 

She is eating all sorts of food now, including my homemade curries! I am thrilled that she is willing to try everything. She seems to like most food and has a healthy appetite, but she does not like eggs! I've tried them in all the different ways you can cook them, but she pulls a disgusted face and spits them out! Oh well, at least we tried. Maybe she'll come to like them. She loves fruit! Satsumas, apples, grapes, kiwis, pears, bananas... The Boo can't get enough of them. She is keen to feed herself now and we allow her to experiment and try. She gets very messy but we let her get on with it, only stepping in when she stops trying and starts throwing the food about to amuse herself.

We moved her into her own room at the start of this year. She is sleeping for much longer periods and has even slept through the whole night a few times! Yay! I did have to spend the night on the floor beside the cot one night though, as The Boo yelled the house down every time I took one tiny step away from the cot. It was a blessing in disguise though, as the hard floor did my aching bad back the world of good! 

The Boo is very quick and agile on her feet now, walking strong and even starting to run about a bit. We have to get the stair gates up very soon as she can make it to the top of the stairs quicker than it takes me to put the milk back in the fridge!! She is cheerful, playful and laughs at everything.  

Some of her current favourite things to do are; playing peek-a-boo with mummy from either side of the armchair, winding mummy up by pulling books off the bookcase, winding daddy up by turning the X-Box on and off and laughing at the high beep sound, emptying the contents of mummys purse and make up box and putting it all back agin, blowing raspberries on mummy's tummy, giving daddy high-fives and kisses, getting tickled and squealing with delight, playing drums by hitting pots and pans with wooden spoons, stealing the remote control and changing channels whilst on the run with it, wearing her new shoes from the moment she wakes up, eating piles of satsumas, hiding things under the sofa, going for walks and actually walking herself more than sitting in the pram.