Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Weekend break

It was both The Boo and my husband's birthday's in November, so we decided to have a little celebration break as a family - just the three of us. We went to stay in a cosy cabin in the Blackwood Forest for a long weekend and it was lovely!

I was amazed at the sheer amount of 'stuff' we had to take with us. We are lucky that my husband drives a truck or else we would have needed to hire a van to shift it all. We had to take the travel cot (with a sheet and blankets), the highchair, plenty of The Boo's favourite toys and food on top of everything else. I got so stressed out by it all that I started to wonder why we were bothering, but once we were packed and on our way and The Boo fell asleep before we reached the motorway, I was relaxed and enjoying myself.

We spent our 4 days strolling through the forest, wandering around the local shops, cuddling on the sofa, playing games, eating and watching movies. Just what we needed!

We would definitely go back there again but perhaps invite our family along and the woofers too next time, as they would all really like it. Next summer perhaps? Hmmm!