Sunday, 2 March 2014

My first quilt

I have always admired crafty people. Not the sly, dishonest folk, but the lovely people who can make things by hand. I know how to 'knit one, purl one', but I can't cast on. I would love to learn how to crochet, make clothes and quilts and stuff and generally be creative and resourceful. 

When I left work to be a full time mum, I wanted to make use of all that extra time I would no doubt have on my hands (ha ha ha - yeah right!) and learn how to do some of the above. 

My big sister can crochet really well, so I will be asking her to teach me that (C, you have been warned!) but for now, quilting is at the top of my list. 

I have always wanted to make a keepsake quilt for The Boo and to make it even more special, use fabric from her clothes from her first year of life. So, I bought myself a basic sewing machine (thank you Ikea), got myself some supplies and attempted to make a practice quilt. Yes, I said practice quilt. I'm not daft enough to steam in on The Boo's one without a trial run or two first!! 

My husband was home last Saturday, so I took a 'day off' to start my quilt! I had no idea where to begin, so I YouTube'd it and watched a tutorial. It looked straight forward enough so I gave it a go! I had previously bought some pre-cut fabric squares so I just needed to decide what pattern I wanted and start! And that's how I spent my day at the kitchen table and singing along to Absolute 80's on the radio! I made the top patchwork layer that day and then basted, quilted and binded it a few days ago. 

I'm really pleased with it. For someone who wasn't really sure what they were doing, I think I did a good job! Oh, I made some mistakes and it is nowhere near perfect, but that's the point of a practice one isn't it. I can't wait to do The Boo's one and I will take a lot more time over it for her. Question is, do I save it and present it to her when she is older or let her have it now? 

The Boo has been out and about in the fresh air a lot this week. We've been getting up earlier and going out with my parents and the dogs again in the mornings and been on trips to the park. I even took her to a circus recently with my friend and her daughter. That was good fun. The Boo made a point of sitting by herself in the aisle, swatting my hand away, and clapping and waving at the performers! 

I can't wait for warmer weather so we can do lots more stuff outside!