Sunday, 6 October 2013

Autumn walks and cuddles

What glorious weather we had today! I went outside this morning to hang some washing on the line and couldn't believe how warm it was! What a treat.

I invited one of my sisters over for Sunday lunch and it was lovely for us all to gather in the kitchen with the back door wide open, my sister playing with The Boo, us chatting and sipping red wine, whilst I prepared and cooked the roast chicken and Frank Sinatra played on the iPod. (I love to listen to Frank when I cook.)

At the end of another week of my non-diet, I couldn't wait for some comfort food and I enjoyed every single gravy soaked mouthful! The Boo had her own portion served up and chopped in the blender. Thankfully she loves her mummy's cooking and ate hers up greedily. When lunch was over and the clearing up was done, I suggested we all get out into that warmth and take the dog and The Boo for a walk in the park to feed the ducks. It was lovely. My mum and her dog even joined us on our stroll.

The Boo had a lovely time and gave out lots of cuddles. Oh, how wonderful her cuddles are! She gave me her first one earlier this week. I was sitting up in bed with her on my lap, when she just leaned towards me and wrapped both of her arms around my neck tightly and lay her face against mine! I was so moved and blessed to receive such affection from this little girl of mine. I wanted that moment to last forever! I absolutely love her and can't get enough of her!

She's really trying to communicate now. Along with all the pointing, The Boo now talks away in her own little mumbled language and then looks at you as if to say "don't you think?" I would love to know what she is trying to say and I can't wait until the day we start having conversations!

It's her first birthday in just over 5 weeks time. I'd better get my party planning hat on this week! I have a head full of different ideas and questions. Do we keep it low key or go all out as it's her first? Or should we save all the best ideas for when she is older? I think I know what to do. I just need to make a decision and get on with it! We've already bought her presents and are starting to think about her Christmas presents! Where has the last year gone!?

This last week I have been working on a photo book of The Boo's first year. I'm a big fan of photo books! Since we went digital we never bothered to get photos printed unless they were for a frame, so most of the pictures we took sat on the computer or on CD's at the back of a drawer gathering dust and never looked at! I first did one with our wedding photos and loved everything about it. I do mine online and design it myself. You choose the layout and colour themes and put your own pictures where you want them. It takes ages but is fun to do and well worth all the effort. Then hey presto, you have a wonderful book, with pictures that can never fade, be lost or damaged and it can be taken from the shelf and enjoyed at anytime in an instant! Yep, if you have ever considered doing one, do it! You won't regret it. Great idea for a Christmas present too!