Thursday, 24 October 2013

Poorly Boo

Our little Boo has been very poorly. There is apparently some sort of sickness bug going about and lots of children locally have been unwell, poor little things. The Boo woke up last Friday, right as rain as normal, but her eyes got darker and heavier and she got quieter and more clingy as the day went on. (Her eyes always give it away!)

I thought she was just overtired, so I took her upstairs for her nap a bit earlier than usual. When I cuddled her in close and kissed her forehead, she was burning up! Her temperature was up high, but not enough to be classed as a fever thankfully. But something was definitely there that her body was fighting.

That evening she refused her dinner and only took some fine oat cereal and milk. She didn't want to play before bed and just sat cuddled into me on my lap. Then suddenly she just sat up, looked at me with a slight worried look and threw up. All over me. Repeatedly.

Poor Boo. Needless to say, we had to strip her down, wash her and change all her clothes. And mine. And strip the sofa covers. And scrub a large area of the carpet. She seemed a bit happier after the event and her interest in her toys returned for a while, but she wasn't right. We had a repeat of this over the course of the weekend and she was notably less active and off her food, only really accepting her milk or water. 

This week she has been gradually getting back to her normal, lively self, but has still not really wanted to eat. But yesterday, she awoke with a grin, eagerly wanting to play and welcomed breakfast, which I was really pleased about. I took her to a play group and she really enjoyed herself. Right up until the part when the children sat to have milk and snacks. She had some buttered toast and then a bit of apple. She coughed and struggled with a bit of the apple and as I picked her up and patted her back, she threw up on me again, but this time it was followed with a laugh! I blame the apple for that one, not the bug.

She's been fine since then so I hope that's the end of it now. It's been quite hard for me to watch as she's not really been sick like this before. Not for days in a row. She's had colds before but not a proper bug like this with vomiting and burning up. 

I confess that it made me worry a lot, do the usual thing of looking up her symptoms on the internet and fretting over all those horrible diseases out there. I've spent hours giving extra cuddles and kisses, feeling her forehead, taking her temperature, worrying if she's hydrated enough and hovering over her in the cot in the middle of the night checking on her for a lot longer than usual. I guess it's called being a mummy.