Saturday, 26 April 2014

Little gardener

This last couple of weeks have been all about the garden! We had builders in to lay a new patio and new turf in the back garden and The Boo and I have made numerous trips to garden centres to buy plants, compost etc. 

On one trip, daddy asked the Boo which plant she wanted and she pointed to a little strawberry plant. So daddy and I each chose one too and we are now having a strawberry competition to see whose plant produces the most! So far, daddy's has grown the least! The Boo's is aptly named Sweetheart!

The Boo loves that she has a garden now. As soon as we get downstairs each day, she's straight over to the back door and trying to put her wellies on. A kind neighbour and friend generously gave The Boo a small plastic wheelbarrow and a set of children's garden tools. She adores them and happily sits (or should I say squats!) digging and scrapping at the soil, laughing to herself and yelling 'mummy!' whenever she encounters a worm.

She likes to roll around on the grass and look up at the sky, searching for planes and birds. She likes to kick a football about - she's left-footed! Sometimes she just enjoys running from one end of the garden to the other, over and over.

When I did all the planting, she stood beside me watching intently. She would grab a tiny handful of compost, place it under the new plant and gently pat it down. She would then pull at the watering can in my hands, wanting to do it for me, and would then stamp her feet quickly with joy afterwards and smile up at me with satisfaction. She'll make a wonderful little gardener.

The Boo especially likes the garden hose and always follows me about trying to reach up to take the nozzle from me. I let her take over and just have to ensure she waters the plants and not herself or me! She once pulled the nozzle out of my hands when the water flow was locked on and she turned and got me square in the stomach and drenched me! I gasped out loud and jumped at the cold, which made The Boo laugh. She then took it upon herself to chase me around the garden, absolutely soaking me as much as possible, laughing her head off whilst I shrieked! I had to take it full in the face just so I could grab it back off her. Cold, soaking wet jeans are not comfortable. At all.

Once it warms up a lot more, I'll be sure to get my own back!