Friday, 11 April 2014

Longing for independence

Where has my baby gone?  What was once a tiny, totally helpless baby, is now a strong little girl, who is longing for independence. 

The Boo tries so hard to do a lot of things, which she can't always manage yet and gets very frustrated and sometimes upset. She once accepted my offers of help with a smile, but now she pulls away and frowns as she is so determined to do things herself. These include; putting her socks on, trying to wind up her little bath turtle, untying shoe laces, undoing mummy's watch strap, peeling bananas or satsumas, holding the hose to water the garden, but mainly opening things, such as yogurt pots, her crayon tub, the tab on a new pack of baby wipes, zips, buttons, boxes etc.

You can see she fully understands what needs to be done, but either her fingers aren't doing what she wants or she doesn't have enough strength yet. But, when I encourage her to slow down and keep trying and The Boo eventually succeeds, oh, the smile on her face could light the night! Her sense of achievement and confidence is evident and it's wonderful to watch. 

She still likes to babble in a language that is not dissimilar to Swedish! Sometimes she tries to tell me something and is very animated with her hands to express herself. I have to nod and pretend I know what she's on about, and give encouraging smiles. The Boo can say many words clearly now and uses them frequently and in the right context. She loves to copy words we say, so it's time to watch what is said around her! 

We have been outside a lot this last couple of weeks. We went to the zoo on Mothers Day, have been taking the dogs for walks to the park in the afternoons, spending lots of time in the garden and have also been out flying The Boo's kite! She squeals when the wind takes it up and it's flying high. She loves to point and shout when she sees birds or an aeroplane. For somebody who is struggling to do something as simple as jump, she must be so fascinated to see things flying about in the sky!