Monday, 19 August 2013

Her first kiss!

The Boo had some visitors last week. My Uncle and Aunt came over for an afternoon and were very surprised at how much she had changed since they last saw her in May. Joining them was one of my cousins. We worked out that we hadn't seen each other since a particular party in 1996! She was very happy to meet The Boo and had lots of cuddles with her. We also scoffed a lot of cake, courtesy of Nanny!

Next to visit was our friend Julie. She popped in to have a nose around the house and then we strolled to the pub with The Boo, Daddy and Auntie Linda. The Boo has become quite a regular at this pub! We had a lovely dinner and a good catch up.

Finally my good friend Sarah and her adorable son Miller came over to see us. This woman is an inspiration to me. The last two years of her life have been agonising, heartbreaking and awful and yet she greeted me with that big, beautiful wide smile of hers and she has a positivity about her that absolutely amazes me. She has been through hell and she somehow has the strength to be cheerful. She is honest and speaks very frankly about her life and that's all part of her charm. Watching her interact with her son is a joy to behold and she truly is a wonderful mother. I love her dearly. She also gives the best cuddles - the kind you can't help but sink into, feeling safe! Mmmm. 
The Boo also attracted the attention of a very sweet four year old boy! We were out shopping when he came running over to the pram yelling "Mummy, look at this lovely little girl"! He immediately stroked her head ever so softly before smiling up at me and then he leaned in and kissed her! Her first kiss from a boy who is not classed as family! I chatted with him and his Mummy for a little while and The Boo got another two kisses from him before we said our goodbyes. He was so careful and gentle with her, love him. The Boo's reaction? She didn't bat an eyelid!

New food that The Boo has tried over the last week or so;
Sausage stew (loved)
Mango (liked)
Scrambles eggs with mashed baked beans (didn't like, but ate with a grimace!)
Diluted pressed apple juice (loved)
Bit of Milky Bar (no reaction) 
Cauliflower (liked)
Bit of Victoria Sponge cake (loved)
Contents of chicken pie (loved)
Vegetable quiche (liked)

Things she has tried to consume but has been firmly prevented;
Houseplant leaves and dirt
Sweet wrapper
My hair