Monday, 12 August 2013

Pass me the rubber gloves and stand back!

I'm a very excited woman. We have been refurbishing our home for the last twelve months and we are finally coming to the end! We started the work whilst my husband and I were still living in my flat and I was pregnant with The Boo and then we moved here in January. For the first four months we had no kitchen whatsoever! I'll leave you to imagine how fun that was! But nearly all of the work has been done now and the last of the big work was completed this weekend.

We woke up early on Saturday morning (or rather The Boo decided we should all be wide awake at 6am) and the three of us had a lovely quiet hour of family time and cuddles in bed before we had to get ready for the day. First the tiler arrived to put up gorgeous Laura Ashley tiles in the kitchen. Then the builder arrived to lay the lovely new floor in the hall. The quiet we had enjoyed first thing was very soon replaced by the sound of banging, howling wood saws, screeching tile saws, men's voices and two separate radios! The builder came back on Sunday to lay the rest of floor in the kitchen, which was a great improvement from the bland concrete state that it was.

So now is the time for me to clean up! Pass me the rubber gloves and stand back because I am a woman on a mission! Unless you've had building work done on your home, you may not be able to understand the immense amount of dust it creates. I have desperately tried to keep on top of it, but as soon as I put the cleaning stuff away it needs to come out again. Now that the flooring is down, I may achieve some success.

The Boo will be spending some time with her Nannies and Grandad over the next couple of days, so I can get stuck in. Judging by her performance at the dinner table last night, maybe she should really stay here and learn how to clean up! Daddy was feeding her and I don't know what happened but she ended up with her roast chicken dinner all over her face. How it never went in her eye I do not know.

The above was taken about 2 hours after I cleaned the oven!


Oh, I nearly forgot! The Boo cut the first of her top teeth yesterday! I noticed it whilst she was laying down having her nappy changed and grinning at me. Just like her 2 lower teeth, it came through with no fuss or complaint. She's either very lucky or she's one tough little girl. I like to think it's the latter! Every day she changes and looks a little bit older and a little bit different. I don't ever want to wish her life away, but I really can't wait to see what she looks like with hair! I'm a very lucky mummy to have The Boo.