Friday, 9 August 2013

Why do they do that?

When I'm sick, I complain about it to anyone willing to listen and try to sleep a lot! But The Boo doesn't. Especially not the sleeping part.

Do all babies fight sleep? Why do they do that? Do they think they are going to miss out on something!? And when I say fight, I mean fight! When The Boo is showing all her signs that she needs a nap, I have to cradle her in my arms and lock that position down! Oh, she'll lay there quietly with her eyes shut, all relaxed and calm for a while, but when sleep approaches it's a different story! Arms flail, legs kick, back arches and she screams and cries. Eventually she drops off, but only once she has used every ounce of energy.

Today was no exception. We were busy out shopping most of the day. I've recently started to allow her to sit in those little seats at the front of shopping trollies. The Boo loves it! She can hold on, rock forwards and backwards or side to side and crane her neck to stare at fellow shoppers, but her favourite activity in this position is leant forward biting the hand rail and dribbling profusely, which is not embarrassing for me at all! All of this excitement meant no chance for napping, so by the time we got home, The Boo was tired. Once she was changed and fed, upstairs we went (our loft room is our living room). After five minutes in her Jumperoo she had had enough and wanted milk and cuddles... and then the fight started!!

I do wonder whether I'm being mean when I have her in that vice like grip. I never hold her so tight that she can't move at all and I talk calmly or sing a lullaby to her and kiss her gently. Also, the whole time this goes on, her eyes are shut so I know she is exhausted. Some may say I should put her in her cot and let her settle herself, but she wouldn't. She'd flip over, pull herself up to standing and babble at me with heavy eyelids and a dopey grin. Sleep would be out of the question!

In her Grandad's arms.