Thursday, 8 August 2013

Let it pour.

The Boo is poorly again. This is her fourth cold, bless her. She woke up this morning with a very runny nose and cold hands and I almost didn't take her out on her daily morning walk with Nanny, Grandad and the woofers. She is currently asleep beside me on the sofa, making the occasional soft gurgling noise. She is also missing a sock, but doesn't seem to care.

 The Boo can't blow her nose. I don't know how old little humans are when they learn how to do this. Do you know? Will she naturally do it when she's old enough or do I have to teach her? Blimey, I wouldn't know where to start! So, I now have to keep a tissue or wet wipe to hand, ready to mop up the torrent on her top lip at a moments notice. She has no choice but to let it pour and I can't stand to see it there.

Unfortunately, The Boo hates having her face wiped and I have to wrestle with her hands to even get close enough to do it. Honestly, you'd think I was hurting her the way she carries on. Still, all is forgiven and forgotten soon enough.

The good thing about her being ill is that she slows down. She, like most of us, just can't be bothered and wants to lay around snuggled up with a full tummy. And that means more cuddle time for me! Yay! Every cloud and all that.