Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well the house is finally starting to look like a home! Surfaces are much cleaner. Things are finding their own little place and rooms are coming together. I want to go on a hunt to look for pretty, lovely, yummy things - how I love shopping for the home!

When we moved in, we were so busy with the building work and adjusting to parenthood that there were quite a few boxes that we just hid way in the spare room. You know, boxes of CD's and DVD's and papers that we need to 'sort out'. Well I was a good girl and have made a start on the CD's.

It's amazing how music attaches itself to memories isn't it? All it takes is a few seconds of a song and I can be sent tumbling back into 1991 and filled with all of the emotions that that year brought! I heard one song and smiled, feeling elated and excited. I heard another and was filled with dread as it reminded me of a sad situation. Another made me laugh out loud.

I also thought a lot about the people in my life in that year too. Quite a few of those people are my friends on Facebook, but there are one or two people that meant the whole world to me back then, but whom I have no idea where they now are or what they are doing in their lives. That makes me feel a bit sad and I wonder if they ever think of me and wonder what I'm doing? I'll say one thing though, I realised the few regrets I had were about things I didn't do, not what I did. A missed opportunity is more painful than any lesson learned from a mistake!

After all those mixed feelings I need a cuddle and I turn to The Boo. She is my whole world now. Her and her daddy. As I approach her in her bouncer, she looks at me and her entire face lights up with a grin as she raises her arms to be picked up. I can feel my heart swelling. As I scoop her up, feel her warmth and embrace her, she throws her arms around my neck, pushes her face against mine and giggles as we cuddle. My Home Sweet Home. I also reach for the changing bag as she's stinky!