Friday, 23 August 2013

Sea of unfamiliar faces

I have had to make a decision about what to do at the end of my maternity leave. Should I return to work full-time, part-time or be a full-time mum? Hmmm? I know what I want to do and my husband agrees and supports me totally.

I have decided to be a full time mummy and have confirmed to my employer that I intend to take a career break to raise The Boo. Gulp!

From the moment The Boo was born, I knew I wouldn't want to go back to work and I hoped that our finances would allow me to stay home. Oh, I considered all the options though. Hang on, no, that's a lie - returning full-time was never an option for me. I'd miss The Boo too much! But I did think about part-time hours. I wouldn't want to work to give most of my earnings to a childminder or nursery, so the only choice for me would have been my parents. As much as they adore spending time with her, chasing The Boo as she crawls around all day trying to get into mischief would have been too exhausting for them. Bless the biddies!

But the main and real reason for my decision is that I just want to be with The Boo all day every day! 

I had the meeting about it at work today and I was surprised about all the mixed feelings I had. On the way to the office I found myself really missing that lovely scenic route I took every day and longed to go back to it and watch the seasons change. Everything felt wonderful, safe and familiar - until I got to work. Things have changed a lot in that place since I left! The receptionist was different, the decor was all new and as I made my way through the building towards my desk, I was surrounded by a sea of unfamiliar faces. Had I gone into the wrong building?? Nope. This was it now, the business had continued to move forward and I had been left behind. 

Yep, definitely made the right choice!